Solid Hexagon Studs


The Product

This minimalistic, light-weight stud makes it the perfect go-to pair. This hexagon is made of brass with a stainless steel post.

The Story

This product was purchased wholesale and like most purchases in modern society, we don't know the full story of who made it!  We are working with our Ethiopian product partners to start making products like these to create more opportunity for the women they hire. Rather than fundraising, we use sales from this product line to help make that a reality. Thank you for being part of the magic as we learn to create opportunity and trendy pieces!

-Founder, Mallory Ann


Store your piece in a dry, cool place (ideally in a cloth bag!) to prolong the luster of your Interwoven Collective piece. Brass can oxidize overtime but can easily be restored with some lemon juice or a warm water and soap lather. Learn more on our brass care guide.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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