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Cognac Leather Wristlet

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The Product

This ~very adult~ wristlet keychain was made to make it easier to find your keys in your oversized tote. Oh and for your keychain, that too!! Add to your keys or pair with one of our leather envelop ID wallets for a complete look.

The Story

The keychain hails from Ethiopia, known for its high quality leather. All wristlets are made by our partner Sabegn, employing a staff of women with living wages. Sabegn was founded by two sisters determined to use exporting to create opportunity in Ethiopia. If you were to happen into their workspace, you'd find a coffee shop opening up to a whitewashed room filled with women engaging in conversations and leather production. As you move throughout their workspace it's hard to imagine the space used for any purpose, yet before Sabegn moved in, the office rooms were used for the exploitation of women in the sex trafficking industry. 

In the mostly rural nation of Ethiopia, adults and children are sent from the impoverished countryside to find work in the capital, Addis Ababa. Yet with high national unemployment, many of these vulnerable women and children are trafficked or beg to make ends meet.

Businesses like Sabegn are crucial in changing that landscape by providing jobs, safe workplaces, and sustainable wages. We support them in their work by connecting them to shoppers like you to allow Sabegn to keep hiring, Interwoven to keep forging partnerships, and for you to have peace of mind that your purchase supports human dignity.

With love,

Mallory Ann, Founder