Brass Care Guide

At Interwoven Collective we offer a wide variety of brass pieces. Our beaded pieces are made from recycled ammunition gathered from past conflict and used to create new opportunities. Our geometric brass pieces are sourced wholesale with the goal to also begin making these pieces in Ethiopia. 

Unlike traditional coated jewelry, the outer layer of these brass beads will not wear away but chemical changes from oxidation can alter the look of brass. As you become a long-time owner of this piece, you’ll notice the oxidation process come into effect, reducing shine and leaving discoloration. But have no fear! The shine can easily be restored with some lemon juice or a warm water and soap lather.

The worst place to store this piece would be in a hot and humid bathroom. We highly encourage that you store brass beaded pieces like these in a dry, cool place preferably in a cloth bag to prolong the luster of your Interwoven Collective piece. 

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