About Interwoven Collective

We want more women at the table.

In Ethiopia, more women at the table looks like female entrepreneurs operating as leaders and decision makers. It's more women gathering over coffee to forge partnerships, break the status quo, and create opportunity.

Here, more women at the table looks like American women taking the time to gather, renew, and encourage one another to bring their talents to fight local and global problems.

For our makers, more women at the table means more women working with their hands, forming friendships with coworkers, and changing the trajectory for their families.

Pull up a chair, we’ve got work to do.


An estimated 98% of women employed by the fashion industry globally go to work each day and come home without enough to afford proper food, shelter, or clothing. This means, daily, 39.2 million women are not paid a living wage to protect corporate profit margins and please consumers with lower prices.

An industry that caters to women is systematically exploiting them on a global scale.

Interwoven Collective is pulling up chairs to the table. We want to use the same far reaching supply chains to create economic empowerment rather than perpetuate poverty for profit.

We pursue a collective solution to systematic injustice by partnering with capable entrepreneurs. These leaders leverage their businesses to create opportunity for marginalized people groups in their communities.

We link our partners to the American marketplace and create on-trend designs to help support job creation in their communities. Our role is to create more business for them, so women can keep gathering around a table and earning a living wage

We want to be a brand where our purchaser is honored by the price, style, and process of what she is wearing.

We strive to be a company where our purchaser and producer of a product know each other’s face and know one another is better off than before.

We want to be a business of beautiful products that do not harm the woman who made them, but give her the opportunity to work a steady job and create opportunity for her family. 

Pull up a chair, there's room for you too.

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