How to shop like an activist this holiday season

How to shop like an activist this holiday season

Shop small, local, and ethical

This holiday season is predicting record transportation delays that even Amazon cannot beat. Instead of risking delays from large retailers, head to a local artisan market or your brick and mortar stores owned by local small business owners. Not only will this help you find unique pieces, but it also supports local jobs by keeping money in your local economy (rather than Jeff Bezo’s pocket).

Gift ethically

Gifting ethically produced pieces that create a positive impact in the world is an easy way to up your gift giving game. Not only is the gift thoughtfully picked out by you, but it is thoughtfully produced and helps support the fair and dignified treatment of the people who make it. It combines the emotional effect of giving someone a bomb gift and donating to a non-profit in their name, all wrapped up in one purchase. Some of our favorites for ethical jewelry and leather are linked here.

Swap brands 

While many of us know the harms of fast fashion and mainstream production that leave global makers in a relentless cycle of poverty, it’s basically impossible to simply decide never to purchase from harmful supply chains. Instead of trying to resist brands you love, find a brand with a similar style with a mission you love too. In my experience, finding swaps for favorite clothing and product brands can honestly be a lot of fun. Not only can it give you the chance to support a brand making a positive impact, but many of these brands are way more fun to interact with than the basic ones we’ve supported thus far. For instance, my favorite ethical clothing brand has a podcast highlighting the resiliency of women in it’s supply line and my new clean deodorant brand sends emails that literally leave me in giggles.

Check your values before you buy

We recommend having a couple go to questions before you shop this holiday season to help evaluate if a purchase aligns with your values. Is it needed? Will they use it? Does it help make the world a better place? How does it affect the environment and people who make it? Questions such as these can act as a guide as you seek to shop more impactfully. The key here is to pursue progress and not perfection. If we can each do our part to shop more ethically and sustainably, we will see brands continue to serve those needs and leave harmful business practices behind.

Tell your friends

As you seek to make the world a better place by changing how you consume, invite friends along in the journey! Not only can it be fun to share ethical brand swaps you come across, but educating one another is one of the best ways that we can have a greater impact. At Interwoven Collective, we are all about “making more room at the table” to help pursue impact together. We believe that you, and the next person are desperately needed in the mission to protect. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list to learn more ways you can make a difference.

-Mallory Ann, founder of Interwoven Collective

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