About us

About us

I’m Mallory Ann and this is my husband Michael, founders of Interwoven Collective! Born and raised in San Antonio, I have a passion for handmade tortillas and Merit coffee. These days, I’m navigating life a few miles north, in Austin, Texas with my husband, Michael, and our eight-pound pup, Ollie Reed. 

Thanks to a little coffee shop networking in my college years, I landed my first Ethiopian business partner. Incidentally, this same connection also led to a first date with my future husband and now business partner.

On our first date, Michael told me about the Ethiopian women who made the pieces I sold and memories he had made with them while he lived in Ethiopia. I was generally hesitant in dating, but on that first date, I was pretty sure we were going to get married. 

When Michael and I traveled to Ethiopia together, I found myself climbing marble stairs that led to a light-washed room full of women gathered around a table making jewelry. 

They were beautiful. Some women had children nestled beside them, some were outspoken and talkative, some shy at a newcomer’s entrance.

These women varied as much as me and you, but this gathering was not unlike any other room of women learning to walk in their inherent worth and dignity.

A shocking 98% of women employed by the fashion industry globally go to work each day and come home without enough to afford proper food, shelter, or clothing. This means, daily, 39.2 million women are not paid a living wage to protect corporate profit margins and please consumers with lower prices. This is also the reality for many women in Ethiopia. 

Interwoven Collective was founded to fight the injustices within the fashion industry, by creating more room at the tables where women earn living wages. 

So pull up a chair, we’ve got work to do. 

Our mission is to bolster the tenacious, Ethiopian business owners and artisans that are already creating beautiful jewelry. 

Interwoven Collective links our partners to the American marketplace and creates on-trend designs to help support job creation in Ethiopian communities. Our role is to create more business for them, so women can keep gathering around a table and earning a living wage. 

I stubbornly believe there is a better way for the fashion industry to value women. I’m dead-set on inviting women to impact, believing that there is a way for ethical brands to honor artisans while satisfying customers. Let's build a brand that highlights the dignity that each female is infused with.

We strive to be a brand that honors our customers with the price, style, and process we use. We are a company that champions mutually beneficial partnerships, where each woman is reminded of her inherent worth. 

Interested in learning how to help?

Submit an inquiry on our Get Involved page or shop our collections to support female artisans.

Written by Caroline Kidd of KC Creative

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